The Search For The Last System

Episode 1: Assault on Whisper Base

Your assault on Whisper Base was a harrowing and unpredictable affair. After negotiating an external computerized lock, you entered the base and quickly located the power conduit that fed the external communications array. After a short and brutal fight with reasonably unarmed maintenance crew, you then destroyed a battle droid that appeared to have been substantially reprogrammed.

Moving towards the launch bay, intent on disabling Lt. Sarev’s shuttle, an intense firefight with more advanced combat troops broke out. Only a lucky grenade toss into a narrow corridor preserved the squad from a potentially disasterous turn of events.

Disabling the shuttle with a computer lock-down, you then proceeded to move through the base in search of Sarev. Unfortunately, a complicated plan involving a flying Wookie distraction and an AT-ST walker in-expertly piloted by a speeder-stomping happy squaddie nearly resulted in disaster. Storm Troopers, deadly and accurate, nearly put an end to your mission. You were fortunately able to defeat the Troopers and advance on the command and control center. Forcing your way in, you subdued the remaining command staff, while Lt. Sarev escaped by way of a secret tunnel to the entrance bay.

After a frantic chase in an AT-ST with several speeders in tow, you managed to defeat not only the pursuing Scout Troopers but the feeling AT-ST. As the walker collapsed to the ground, a smoldering husk, you can see that the communications array was only a klick or two away.

In other words, you barely prevented the pilot of the AT-ST from making it the comm tower and alerting the Moff!



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