The Search For The Last System

So it begins. . ..


So it begins . . .

Each of you have been drawn to service in the REBEL ALLIANCE for reasons of your own. Whether motivated by revenge, justice, or monetary gain, you each find yourself on the jungle world of Onderon, a planet in the Japrael system.

This world is home to an Imperial garrison controlled by Admiral Corlen.

It is also home to a clandestine Imperial listening post built upon the secret order of Moff Dardano, who Rebel intelligence have identified as one of Corlen’s political rivals.

As new Rebel Alliance recruits, you have been sent to Onderon to take over Dardano’s listening post, capitalizing on the shadow war between these bickering Imperials and securing the post as a forward base for the Rebel Alliance in the Japrael System.

Your infiltration of Onderon went smoothly enough and now you are undertaking the long and rather unpleasant trek through the world’s most notorious jungle to reach Whisper Base.

Your Orders

Infiltrate Whisper Base, defeat whatever forces you encounter, and ensure that no Imperial forces escape to report the loss.

If the intel you received from the Bothan Spynet is reliable, Moff Dardano will not risk exposing his underhanded dealings by trying to retake the base with Imperial troops. . ..



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