Yavin 4 Was Only the Beginning…

The Galactic Empire rules over nearly every star in the known galaxy. From bustling cities to isolated wilderness, no area in the galaxy is safe from Imperial Agents.

Under the shadow of this oppressive tyranny, members of the REBEL ALLIANCE find any place they can to hide and plan their next move. Striking from sympathetic worlds, mobile fleets, and hidden bases, these Rebels fight to bring freedom to the galaxy.

Emboldened by their recent success at Yavin 4 and the destruction of the Empire’s Death Star, volunteers, resources and new allies rush to the REBEL ALLIANCE, seeking to throw off the Emperor’s shackles of oppression once and for all.

Several such new recruits find themselves together, a newly formed band of brothers, sharing the mutual goal of ridding the Galaxy from the Imperial scourge.

The Search For The Last System

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