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The Search for the Last System

This is the main page for our Wiki. From here, you can find links to the history of the Outer Rims, our Adventure Log, NPCs of Note and other items worth recording. I’ve left the wiki open so that you all may add to it and create as we go.

The Outer Rims

The Campaign takes place largely in the Outer Rim, a portion of the galaxy rich with history and detail. Many of the galaxy’s most important events have occurred in the outer rim, which you can find summarized here The Outer Rim. Please be sure to read it. There’s lots of good information and nuggets in there!

We will supplement this section with more specific entries as you begin to dive into the campaign.

PCs and NPCs

PCs and NPCs will be linked from this section.

Adventure Logs.

The Adventure Logs can be accessed from the main menu on the left. Individual items or events of note may be individually linked here.

Your adventure begins on Onderon

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